HFL Laboratories BV is a producer and supplier of problem solving beauty products that have the focus on all kinds of nail- and skin problems for the professional. HFL Laboratories is the specialist within the territory of skin- and feet care. Years of research and experience has led to innovations and a line of effective products to take care of the skin, face, nails and feet.

The product line of HFL Laboratories offers caring products as well as problem solving products.

Would you like to nourish your body and feet or are there skin and nail problems involved?

HFL Laboratories offers an effective product line with several aims. The aims are to take care and nourish the body but also to take care of any skin and feet problems such as nail fungus, fungus infections on the skin, gorges and psoriasis.

The products of HFL Laboratories are supportive to an effective treatment by a professional.

*All products are dermatological tested and can be used by children and diabetic patients.


The first product.

After years of experience as a pedicure an idea came to mind. The idea was to create and develop an effective anti-fungus spray. Because there where already so many products on the market there was a lot of research going on to develop an new and innovative product.
A lot of products within the market have a base of tea tree oil or other comparable ingredients. HFL Laboratories had made a change by using a new ingredient in the Solution spray for fungus infections.

The idea came from the food industry where they use commodities to make the cans and jars fungus free before they are filled with food. Because the HFL Solution spray is based on a completely new recipe there is an European patent obtained for this product.

HFL Laboratories has been leading the corporate governance and development in this renewing way since then. This has led to more innovations on the market of body and feet care. Because all products come from our own production floor we can guarantee that the products have been tested, are innovate and are very result oriented.

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