november 20, 2018


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Product Training HFL & FungiCheck :: Stockholm

Free product training by HFL Laboratories at HumanRecharge/MJ Studio in Stockholm.

Two trainings in one evening, HFL products and FungiCheck!
As a professional you can attent this training for free and without any conditions.
Discover all our products from ingredients to treatment tips.

Do you want to know all there is to know about HFL Products?
No matter if you are already a professional that uses HFL or are just orienting for the products.

The HFL Trainings have the goal to inform you, as a professional with all information possible.
From important ingredient percentages to practical use of the products.

Subjects during the HFL product training (90min):
– Products
– Examples from the practice
– All important ingredients
– What problems can i use the products for and how?
– Important information regarding percentages and production processes.
– Tips & Tricks

Subjects during the FungiCheck product training (45min):
– Facts regarding Onychomycose
– Difference between fungi and yeasts
– How does FungiCheck work and what can it do?
– The fungal nail quiz
– What to do in case of a positive or negative outcome

You’ll create the best product knowledge and a logical explanation towards your client, by attending this training.

Apply through: or +31(0)13-4551749


Stockholm, Zweden