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What sales price should I keep for my clients?

Within our price list you can find the advice price for consumers. This price is a guideline and can always be adjusted to your our practice.

How many products do I have to order?

You can order as much products as you wish. With a certain amount you will not pay any transport costs.

Within how many days will I receive by order?

This depends in which country you want your order delivered. When you order before 14.00 hours (NL time) the following delivery days will be accounted:

The Netherlands 1-2 days
Other European countries 3-4 days
Countries outside Europe 6-10 days

How long does it take to get rid of fungus nails?

Every fungus infection is different. A lot of factors play a part such as; how long do you have it? How old are you? How quick do the nails grow? The quickest results are within a half year. Unfortunately we cannot guarantee a time frame because it all has to do with stopping the source and let the nail grow.

How often should I use the Solution spray?

The Solution spray is best to use twice a day.

Can the products be used in case of pregnancy or women who are breast feeding?

All products can be used by pregnant women and women who are breast feeding. In case of the Solution drops we advise to have contact with your own doctor just to be sure.

Are the products dermatologically tested?

Yes, all products are dermatologically tested and are foreseen of a European safety rapport.

Can all products be used for diabetic patients?

Yes, all products can be used by diabetic patients.

Can children use the Solution spray?

Yes, children of all ages can use the anti-fungus spray.

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